Villageshop Veljekset Keskinen

Kyläkauppa Veljekset Keskinen

The Villageshop Keskinen - Finland´s largest department store and so much more!

Finland’s most popular domestic destination, also called Kyläkauppa Veljekset Keskinen, is located in the village Tuuri with a population of just 500 people. The VillageShop is the biggest in Finland by its turnover, product selection and store area.

Tuuri VillageSop has grown tremendously along the years in size as well as in selection of products. The VillageShop contains nearly one hundred businesses and now it can be described as a business village itself with a unique atmosphere that cannot be described before visiting this sensational attraction. The VillageShop has a yard sale area, hotel OnnenTähti, caravanner area Onnela, a great selection of restaurants and cafés, and a gas station, OnnenLiekki. The VillageShop hosts or offers a place for over one hundred events around the year.

A paradise for families with kids

The VillageShop makes sure that also the smallest of the family enjoy their visit to the department store, inside and out. While the parents go shopping, the kids can enjoy their time in the free, 80 square meter big adventure world. The youngsters and child-like adults can spend their time in the Game World surrounded by nostalgic arcade games. In the department store, there is also another, smaller playing ground for kids.

Outside area also offers a lot to do. The Finland’s biggest Mumin playground is open around the year and free for everyone. In the summer time the VillageShop’s mini golf track offers fun experience for the whole family in between shopping. The greatest attraction outdoors is the Miljoona Tivoli, which is usually open 50 days during the summer holiday time (21.06.2019 - 04.08.2019) and free for kids under 13 years.


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