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Lapuan Kankurit - Linen & wool, way of living

When it comes to our products, multifunctional is what it's all about. There is no right or wrong way to use our products: blankets can also be used as tablecloths or space dividers. When well maintained, high-quality textiles will make you happy for decades, which means you can also leave a lasting inheritance for future generations. Products made by Lapuan Kankurit weave a tale of genuine values, sustainable consumption and respect for nature.


Juustoportti - the true taste of cheese!

In Jalasjärvi, Kurikka, is located Juustoportti café, a nationwide well-known attraction. Where the Isabella-cow happily greets the visitors. Juustoportti is a hearty family company, producing high-quality dairy products, sold nationwide. A traveler can taste the delicacies either from the buffet table, or the à la carte list. In the cheese cellar’s shop, you get to taste the cheese before buying and get to know the new tastes and enjoy some old classics. On top of their own selection, the shop also has the basic every-day groceries and products from smaller, local producers. You are more than welcome to stop by!

Jari Mäki Oy

Jari Mäki Oy - The America of Ostrobothnia

In the village of Koskenkorva, you can find some true American spirit. The glorious yard is an American Ranch-styled wholeness with the white wooden fences. On the yard you can also find inter alia the Statue of Liberty, some Texas-style oil lamps and a real American fire hydrant. In the summer time, the ranch is also a home to some horses.
In the shop, you van find a wide selection of USA-products for clothing, decorating and every day use. Find the best souvenirs for kids in the awesome USA-shop! And the best thing ever: American Car enthusiasts can find spare parts, equipment and accessories for their own rides under the same roof! Most of the products are also sold in an online shop. In the shop, you have the chance to see the guitar of a famous Finnish singer, Kari Tapio and Irwin Goodman’s Jukebox. An entire Wall of Fame presents all the big names, who have visited the shop along the years. In the collection of American Rides, you can find the Jeep of Irwin Goodman and a Cadillac that used to belong to our late president Urho Kekkonen.


Lankava - get your crafts on!

Lankava is a colorful and versatile department store, specialized in selling yarn in the northern South Ostrobothnia, in Kauhava. This old and traditional yarn store was established in 1925. From Lankava, you can find all kinds of yarn, weft, necessities, and fresh ideas for all kinds of handicrafts. One has a dream to crochet a carpet, another one wears only self-woven clothes and the third one bangs carpet trees for relaxation in the evenings – the equipment to pursue all this can be found in Lankava! Stop at Lankava on your trip and get yourself a bag of yarn rolls and a big bunch of inspiration. You can find free handicraft instructions at

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Lapuan Kankurit

Kulttuurikeskus Vanha Paukku /Culturcenter Vanha Paukku
Kustaa Tiitun tie 1
FI-62100 Lapua
+358 (0)50 527 5728

Mon - Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 10am-3pm
On june and december also sundays 12am-3pm 


Keisarintie 145
FI-61710 Pentinmäki
+358 (0)6 456 6900

Mon - Sat 7am-10pm
Sun 8am-10pm

On the summertime
Mon - Sat 7am-11pm
Sun 8am-11pm

Jari Mäki Oy

Lasipajantie 5 (Lännentie 5)
FI-61330 Koskenkorva
+358 (0)6 4229 888

Mon - Fri 8am-5pm
Sat 9am-2pm


Butiken, Lankava Oy
Kauppatie 91
FI-62200 Kauhava
+358 (0)6 434 5500

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-1pm

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