Härmä Spa


Relaxation for the whole family!

On the side of a highway, in the middle of the expanse is the most graceful spa in South Ostrobothnia, Härmä Spa!

In Härmä Spa there is something for the whole family: the joy of water games, indulgence, sports and good food. Gather the family for a refreshing round of outdoors Frisbee golf or why not real golf! Härmä Golf & Academy’s 9-holed golf track is a golfer’s dream. If you do not possess the magical Green Card, the range and Par-3 track are the place for you! Spa treatments are offered by trained cosmeticians and masseurs guaranteeing the ultimate relaxation.

One great thing about Härmä Spa are also the huge family rooms, where the kids can have their own room and adults get to enjoy the privacy of their own but they are connected with a private door.

Härmä Spa offers entertaining all year long. You can go dancing to live music, join karaoke or see some of the Finland’s most popular dance bands and solo artists in the Härmä Spa’s restaurant.

Vacation with Nippe the Elephant

Nippe the Elephant, who lives in Härmä Spa, has taken care that also the youngest ones in the family are taken into consideration. Nippe’s favorite place is the Vekara Jungle, where kids can run around all day long. This free-of-charge playground offers awesome place for kids under 7 years, to play for example house or jungle adventure. In Vekara Jungle you can find a ball pool, a slide and an adventure bridge. Vekara Jungle is a great extension to the outdoor playground, which is the most versatile in Kauhava area.
You can also arrange a birthday party or do any handicrafts you want, for example a bracelet in the Pearl bar.

In the restaurant Nippe the Elephant has his own special menu! In the summer time, there is also the Nippe’s Pizza buffet, where the tummies of even the biggest elephants get filled. And what is better after a delicious meal than an Ice cream bar! Eat as much as you can during the summer or around the year on weekends!


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Vaasantie 22
62375 Ylihärmä
+358 (0)6 483 1111

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