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Ähtäri Zoo Panda

Snowpanda Resort Ähtäri Zoo is a close-to-nature holiday resort located in the middle of Finland

Ähtäri Zoo is a 60-hectare (150-acre) zoo in Ähtäri, Finland that was opened in 1973. It is the second largest zoo in Finland, and the first zoo to take the surrounding nature to be a part of the zoo’s layout. This means that the forest was not cut down, but the roads and the stanchions adapt to the demands of their surroundings.

The biggest and newest attraction in Ähtäri Zoo is without a doubt the adorable giant panda couple, Pyry and Lumi. They arrived from China in the winter 2017 and the Panda house opens for the public in February 2018.

There are over 60 different species in Ähtäri Zoo and the stars of the zoo are the mighty bears. Walking along the beautiful nature trails of Ähtäri Zoo, you get to see all kinds of animals of boreal forest, like wolverines, wolves, lynxes, snow leopards and takins. In the farm world you can see all kinds of farm animals and even get to pet and feed them.

The unique nature trail through the Zoo has also various rest stops, where you can fire up the grill and fry sausages or just sit, relax and enjoy your packed lunch. On the way you can also find Café Kaakkolampi, a play area for kids and the main building with a café and the Zoo shop.

In Ähtäri Zoo Camping you can camp in beautiful Finnish scenery by the lake of Hankavesi, just a step away from the Ähtäri Zoo. There are small cottages with different themes and bigger cottages that are available all year round. And not far from the Zoo is also the hotel Mesikämmen, a nature adapted destination with beautiful connection to the surroundings.

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