ABC Stations in South Ostrobothnia


The restaurants at ABC service stations use only 100% Finnish meat ingredients in their food products (buffet, à la Carte, ABC Burger and vitrine products) The buffet features tasty fare for the entire family, and always two choices of main course. As alternatives to the buffet we offer generous and delicious servings à la Carte, pizzas and burgers, and a large selection of savoury and sweet baked goods.

Locality is featured strongly in the interior of each ABC service station in the region. At Alajärvi you can acquaint yourself with the local history of ‘pesäpallo’, Finnish baseball, and have a meal inspired by the theme. At Alavus the service station is located by road 66, and both the interior and the menu reflect the American Route 66 nostalgia. At ABC Seinäjoki, the Tango Festival, the Vauhtiajot race and the Provinssi festival are the main themes. At ABC Ähtäri you can admire pictures of pandas, bears and other inhabitants of the local zoo park.

The ABC service stations are nicely spread all over the region, so wherever you need to take a break, there will be one close to you! We also have a kids’ corner at every unit!


ABC Jalasjärvi
Oikotie 1, 61600 Jalasjärvi

ABC Kauhajoki
Topeeka 65, 61800 Kauhajoki

ABC Seinäjoki
Verkatehtaankatu 13, 60100 Seinäjoki

Lähi-ABC Alajärvi
Yrittäjäntie 5, 62900 Alajärvi

Lähi-ABC Alavus
Piirantie 1, 63300 Alavus

Lähi-ABC Ilmajoki
Kauppatie 15, 60800 Ilmajoki

Lähi-ABC Kristiinankaupunki
Vanha Vaasantie 11, 64300 Lapväärtti

Lähi-ABC Lapua
Latojantie 9, 62100 Lapua

Lähi-ABC Teuva
Mikkiläntie 11, 64700 Teuva

Lähi-ABC Ähtäri
Oikotie 8, 63700 Ähtäri